Go Get ’em, Tiger!

Life’s short, huh! A profound statement, I know. As I get older and inevitably gain some of that wisdom everyone’s always rabbiting on about, I’m finally taking those life dreams and slotting a few into place. I’ve got my work cut out for me, people! But you know what? This past year, little by little, I am starting to see some payoffs.

Without question, the biggest and best thing I’ve ever achieved and have complete happiness in is my little family. I can quite honestly say that I’m ever so content. If I never did anything else, then that’d be ok. Except for the niggling voices in my head. The ones that say I could do so much more. Darn those voices! They also whisper to me that I need to keep inspiring my offspring, and demonstrating through my actions that to have a meaningful existence they need to both pursue their passions and to be wonderful, decent human beings with compassion and empathy in spades.

Growing up, I was always encouraged to do my best. Just like kids were in most of the nice surrounding, leafy green suburbs. The times were conservative (God, I’m starting to sound like a fossil!), and the parents of our generation generally had a job for life. It was all about security. So, for the likes of a pretty smart kid like me, careers advice was all about something well paying and respectable. When it was determined that perhaps Veterinary Science wasn’t going to be my forte; I was a wordsmith, not a scientist…then university entry hopes were steered more to the arts/law category. Aspirations towards journalism were frowned upon (too competitive, never safe) and arty farty crafty stuff too (you can do better than that with your brain). Despite great marks, I chose to start with an Arts degree, which then morphed into a nice safe teaching degree. It has served me well over the years….I do have a genuine love of children and have a passion for their wellbeing.

Trouble is, I’ve still been left searching for that perfect fit. The one I think many people never find. That’s not going to be me! After a loooong break in scheduling to raise those aforementioned brilliant offspring, I’m starting to fraternise with people who inspire me. People who have similar interests and ambitions. I’m pushing my slightly introverted self to make new friends. Hopefully they’ll glean something out of me, too! Those all famous and rather clich├ęd quotes about surrounding oneself with (fill in the blank!) have taken hold of me.

After ruminating upon the shape of all this for far too long, I’ve gone down the “Just Do It” path. Sometimes one just has to jump in and hold one’s breath. Much of this has been about finding the headspace to launch myself into this new blogging world and into some other little ventures. Already I cant believe how a few little doors are opening!

As for those kiddie winks of mine, how lucky are they that their future options are so broad, and that they can more openly pursue whatever will fill their hearts? I’m not saying that it’ll be at all easy…..but it will be accepted. I know, a lot of people don’t necessarily agree about pursuing passion as a career option; that a perfectly nice job which brings home the bacon will suffice. That’s ok! I recognise that circumstances don’t always allow. This is just the slant I wish to take! As long as someone has a passion somewhere, anywhere, that’s great! I’ve an aspiring author and a wannabe illustrator and one who until just recently wanted to be a dog when he grew up. Go for it, kiddos!! And feel free to change your amazing minds time after time.

It’s been so very lovely to watch my enthusiastic support team as they observe their mother teetering on the edge of her ambitions. They are genuinely excited with my progress and have the utmost belief in my success. What more motivation does one need?

Have you grabbed a passion and run with it lately?
Would you like to be a dog in your next career move? Must confess, our hound has it pretty good!